About The Author


Sharp eyed readers will see that my profile picture (above) is over four years old. What can I say, except it was a rare non- bad hair day. Anyway, enough about myself; let's talk about me instead.

Call me Jim. If someone says "Hey Jim - let's open a couple dark beers!", I'll come running.

Besides that, there's actually not much to tell, unless we get into ancient history, which is boring. Some things that can describe me these days are: I'm a dad, and live with my interesting, not too large, and usually happy family in a pleasant, wooded district near the college in an interesting, not too large city in Oregon. I recombine and ride old bikes, get messy in the back yard, create and then blow up tube type guitar amps, take pictures of birds and cute bugs, and some other stuff. And everything that I'm interested in, I will remain a student of, and never a master. Lately, I've been learning to write.

This may surprise some friends, but I'm actually a fairly conservative guy. Which means, I believe in helping out a neighbor, I love and support my family above all else, I care deeply about the country I live in, and I'll always make friends with children and dogs, unless they're trying to bite my hand off; the dogs, that is. I tend not to jump into new trends or tech platforms right away (don't like "beta" anything), am leery of experimental gene research and insufficiently vetted medical stuff, hate having cars I can't work on, and I generally, as Bob Dylan said, "Don't follow leaders".

I also believe that government, churches, and your snoopy aunt, should stay the heck out of what we do in the bedroom (and the bathroom too. Also, stay out of my garage), that women's medical decisions should be made by them only, that children should not be subjected to physical abuse (ie: corporal punishment) at home, and that everyone's rights and privileges should be respected, and defended, no matter what creed or color. If you say these are "liberal" ideas, well, maybe that's a reflection of your own crappy world view. I'd say those are human values. As opposed to, let's say, Lizard People values.


Ever since I was very young, I've been an enthusiastic observer of the natural world; recently I've become aware of parts of the modern unnatural world, such as blogging, internet machines, trains with faces (see above), and liquid cheese.

I have traveled to a few places, had a lot of fun along the way there, met some refreshing and flavorful people, and drank some friendly, intriguing beers. Over the years I've done a thing or two to make a living, none of which made me well known, or even very well off. If a giant meteor (or a giant squid) landed on me tomorrow, I'll be satisfied knowing my kids are well on their way to being happy, artistic, and interesting individuals.