Oregon Sky

    Some recent pictures of the Oregon sky, taken at various times of the day, around the Eugene area.  The first photo was a little after 8 AM, looking east from Amazon Park.

Early afternoon, facing north, at the natural area east of Alton Baker Park:

Late afternoon in the Thurston district of Springfield, just after a shower passed by:

Almost sundown, between the Willamette River and the university:

Just past sunset, from our back yard in the South Hills:

Look closely - a small bat, turning in mid-air

This next picture isn't from the Eugene and Springfield area, but it is Oregon, and it's got some serious sky in it.  Took this shot at Crater Lake, early afternoon, beautiful day, mid July:

*           *           *

Thanks to June, of the blog Under The Plum Blossom Tree, for the use of some of her photos.