Scenes in a Thrift Shop

    A couple of years ago I read a stupid article all about how iPhones were going to "revolutionize photography".  So far, I don't feel part of any rebel alliance or subversive movement, but there's no denying the convenience of having a halfway decent quality camera in your pocket, easily gotten to whenever you see an interesting shot.  On Saturday we went junk shopping at a big-box chain charity thrift store; within minutes I could see there wasn't anything I really wanted to buy, but I had fun anyway, wandering around taking pictures of stuff on the shelves.

So what makes an interesting photo in a thrift shop full of the cast off junk and trash leftovers from our mass market consumer society?  More or less random juxtapositions of unrelated things that may not be interesting by themselves - sure, that's always good.  And color: lots of variety in hue and shade.  But what really does it, I think, are the faces.

Jesus, Rabbits, Angel, Mushrooms
Painted Paper Mache People
Six Furry Faces
So, What's Cooking?

All pictures taken with my old iPhone 3GS, a beautifully crafted piece of industrial art, made increasingly obsolete on purpose, by the crappy company that created it.