Autumn Bike Ride

The weather turned cooler, it's already rained a bunch, and although it's still fall, the long wet Northwest winter is not too far away, so it was time to put some fenders (mudguards to you Brits) on the Bridgestone CB-Ø. While I was at it, the handlebars were changed, rear racks installed, and some bags were hung on it and the saddle.

I took the CB-Zip for a shakedown ride on a cool crisp and sunny day, and took some pictures of the trip through autumn splendour down 10th Ave to the library, before I headed back toward the hills south of town, and home. And although wet slippery leaves can be a real hazard when it rains, on this fairly dry day it was a pleasure to cruise through crunching carpets of color: red, yellow, brown and gold.

In Japan, there is a word for the season of falling cherry blossoms - Sakura - and it has inspired poetic thoughts and feelings for some centuries. I wonder if they have a name for how it feels to ride under brightly colored autumn leaves as they slowly drift down upon your path ahead?

Bridgestone CB-Zip, fall color, Eugene Oregon, B-Stone CB-Zero, trees, red, gold
Bridgestone CB-Zip, fall color, Eugene Oregon, trees, gold, red, bicycle, autumn
fall color, Eugene Oregon, B-Stone CB-Zero, bike, leaves, autumn, ride, red
Bridgestone CB-Zip, fall color, Eugene Oregon, bicycle, trees, leaves, autumn, red

All photos taken with a Canon Digital Elph SD550, my indestructible old pocket camera. Click or tap on any picture for larger, higher resolution images.

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