What's That Bug Doing?

This morning I was heading out the sliding door into the back yard, and saw a small face with prominent round eyes, almost at my own eye level, but on the other side of the screen. Grabbed a camera, and took a picture of a very interesting green bug. Opened the door, and got another picture, but when I previewed that on the camera viewfinder, I thought "Whoa - what's that bug doing?"

Well, whatever it was doing, it seemed like a private moment, so I left it alone. Later, the little green bug was gone, but it had left something behind on the screen. It's either bug poop, or bug eggs, judging from the behavior I had (pardon me) witnessed earlier.

Let's zoom in:

I must say, if those are eggs, Madame Bug, you have some charming looking children. And if that's dung, Sir or Madame as the case may be, that's some very stylish excreta!

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