Success, Internet Style

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At a recent party, I mentioned I was starting a blog, and someone said, "I wish you success with it!" Success? I hadn't thought about that. I thought I was here to have fun; in fact, where I live, fun is a minimum daily requirement (see above).

Makes me think about those folks who can't have a hobby without turning it into work: "Between my vocation and my avocation, I don't have time to take a vacation." Or all the poor souls bombing past me on the river path who have to make every bike ride a workout.

What is the measure of success, in relation to a blog? Page views? Number of followers? Total ad revenue from selling sidebar space? Consider some of the most popular blogs out there: the masterfully subtle political snark of Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo; the laughably out of context conspiracy mongering aimed at a 10-toothed rube audience at Drudge's sludge fest; the cheerfully sunny, always-summer world of Elsie Larson's Beautiful Mess - they all have one thing in common: each blog only does more or less one thing, and they each do that very well.  

Wait - forgot to mention The Blog Of Dr. John H. Watson... what? That's not a real blog? Oh. Does it matter?

I can't do just one thing; I can't sit still. It's hard for me to get on the interstate and turn on the cruise control. I know a little about a lot of things, and a lot about some, and somewhere in there are a couple of opinions, too. As Bob Dylan once said, "I got a head full of ideas that are drivin' me insane!" I'm one week into this crazy little thing called Blogger, and it's been a blast so far. I think I'll just keep having fun.


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