At The County Fair

Eugene, Lane County Fair, merry go round, summer

County fairs, in days past, were always in September - they were a celebration of the harvest as much as they were a chance to have some fun, go on some rides, eat cotton candy, and see your neighbors' giant tomatoes, prize pigs, and beautiful quilts. And if you were a teenager, you could lose yourself in the milling crowds with your neighbor's beautiful daughter, and maybe steal a kiss at the top of the ferris wheel. County fairs are still all those things, but these days, they seem to be scheduled around the availability of the traveling carney companies; the fair here, usually held in late August, always feels like a last blast of hot summer days and fun before the coming fall drudgery - rain, school, and more rain. This year's Lane County Fair was the earliest yet.

Here's some quick snapshots taken with an older Lumix TZ-3 pocket travel camera, which has great color right out of the box. That's good, since I don't have, and never will have, photoshop. Couldn't imagine a worse way to spend my time, actually; I'd rather just go out and have fun!
Eugene, Lane County Fair, summer, Takeo Anderson Clifford, cars, fairway fun
Eugene, Lane County Fair, summer, whirling, spinning, ride, waiting for a ride
Eugene Lane County Fair, summer, monkey, colorful, fairway prize, stuffed animal
Eugene, Lane County Fair, summer, hanging chairs, spinning, whirling
Eugene, Lane County Fair, summer, fun, crowd, fairgoers, summertime, sunset
Eugene, Lane County Fair, summer, fairway, ride, attraction, fun
Eugene, Lane County Fair, summer, haunted house, ride, fun
Eugene, Lane County Fair, summer, fairway food, fun, summertime, sunset, crowd
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