McGohan M102 Tube PA Amplifier Schematic

Jimmy Clifford, Jazz Clifford, James Aoyama, Jim Aoyama, Kim Ciria

Lately I've been working on an early 1960s McGohan M102 tube type PA / paging amp, and finding a schematic for one of these beasts online is really difficult. Luckily I had a schemo for a McG 102 squirreled away on a backup drive, and here it is, for anyone who might need it.

I don't really know how to embed this GIF file at full size, here in Blogger; the pic above is a somewhat reduced version. However, if you click on the image, it will appear larger; and if you have an iMac, MacBook or similar, you can then "drag and drop" to capture it full size. No doubt Windoze folks and mobile phone users can do something similar, maybe (select, copy, paste?). As an alternative, if anyone would like the full size file, go ahead and get in touch through the "Contact" link over on the right-hand sidebar, and I'll be happy to send it to you via email.

Note also that this schematic is for the McGohan M102-B model, which differs from the earlier M102 (which I have) by having a solid state diode rectifier instead of a 6CA4 (EZ81) vacuum tube rectifier. Besides that one difference, both models appear to be the same - with the exception of the power supply, the circuitry of my M102 is identical. Or at least it was, before I stripped and rebuilt it with a '50s "Tweed"-ish guitar amp circuit.

Cheers, and happy soldering!

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