One Week In The Garden

Eugene, oregon, garden, quan yin, stone temple lantern, japanese maple, fall
Kwan Yin Corner, With Frost
It's only been about one week since I was out there last, but there have been noticeable changes in the backyard garden. We had some days of intermittent showers, and a two day long heavy rainstorm, followed now by a couple days with clear skies and below freezing temperatures at night.

Almost all of the leaves on both the six year old autumn blaze maple and the still-potted Japanese maple have fallen, many of the less hardy shrubs are wilting, and most of the ground in this corner of the garden is now frozen.

The colder weather has brought with it a return of some of the birds that spend a portion of the winter months with us: Oregon Juncos, a couple varieties of Sparrow, Wrens, Townsend's Warblers, Towhees, Stellar's Jays, and Downy Woodpeckers, as well as the Flickers, Scrub Jays, Starlings, Crows, and Mountain Chickadees that are usually with us, along with the charming flocks of tiny Bush Tits that flit through the trees gleaning the branches for what insects they can find.

As autumn does its slow slide into winter, a lot of the wildlife that have been spending their time at higher elevations are being seen more often here in town, such as the quite sizable well antlered deer that just now ambled through our front yard. There are also the flocks of wild Turkeys which seem to be most numerous at this time of year - creatures so massive that I sometimes forget that they're actually birds.

Red maple leaves, japanese maple, autumn, garden, fall, Eugene, oregon, winter
Mouse Eye View Of Stone Temple Lantern
Eugene, Oregon, autumn, birds, fall, garden, Under The Plum Blossom Tree
Seven Juncos, One Sparrow, Light Rain
Eugene, Oregon, garden, autumn, fall, Under The Plum Blossom Tree, birds
Bush Tits Foraging In Fennel For Insects And Larvae
Eugene, oregon, autumn, fall, Under The Plum Blossom Tree, birds, BMW 325
Why Did The Turkeys Cross The Road?
Eugene, oregon, garden, autumn, fall, Under The Plum Blossom Tree, winter, rain
Wood Fungus And Pin Oak Leaves

All photos taken with either a Lumix ZS-25 or an iPhone. Click or tap on any picture for larger, higher definition images.

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