My Arsenal

These are my guitars, and besides an old Danelectro Silvertone bass, they're the only guitars I own. They each have a purpose in life, and in the upcoming weeks I'll get into details about each one. For now, a quick run down:

• Yamaha csf-60 parlor size acoustic. It's all solid wood, made in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in the early 2000s. Barely bigger than an electric, and has an incredibly large sound for its size. Spruce top, mahogany-like sides and back, soft V profile neck; all edges, including the neck, have a tortoise color binding that you can't see unless you get close. John Pearse nickel wound light gauge acoustic strings, .012 to .053. Tip: nickel wound strings tend to make a parlor size acoustic louder and warmer.

• Gibson Les Paul, model 55-77 TV Special. Made in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1977, bought new in 1978. One piece mahogany body with a limed blonde finish, flat top, no cap. 3-piece mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard and cream binding. Original single coil pickups; replacement pickup covers and knobs, I still have the originals. Gotoh tuners; the original Schallers died in combat. Rewired to suit the owner and player, me. Mixed brand strings, mostly GHS: .010, .012, .017, .028, .038, .048.

• Strat-O-Parts-O-Caster. Mid 90s Japan Fender 3-piece alder body, two color sunburst. '91 Fender MIM maple and rosewood neck, Fender gold anodized aluminum pickguard, Squier Classic Vibe DuoSonic pickups; tuners and most hardware are Gotoh. Read more about this guitar in another series of posts written during the build. GHS Gilmour strings: .010, .012, .016, .028, .038 .048.

• 1959 Danelectro. A gift from my brother Jonsan, I have no idea what its model name is. Made in Neptune, New Jersey. The body has a pine frame with black painted Masonite pressboard top and back, and sides covered in textured white vinyl tape. Poplar neck with double non-adjustable steel flat-bar truss rods, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, and aluminum nut and side markers. Kluson tuners. All original. GHS Gilmour strings: .0105, .013, .017, .030, .040, .050.

The amp is a Peavey Classic 50 4x10, a loaner from my friend John.

More details on each guitar, including arcane lore, mods, and set up tricks, in the days ahead.

Click on the picture for a larger, higher def image.

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